My dramatic healing journey taught me LIFE SAVING information and lessons. One of them is that ‘SICKNESS is no ACCIDENT’. The CAUSE and EFFECT principle.

A brief introduction to my message.

This is my twentieth year of recovery from an incurable dreaded disease, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was at a dead end in terms of my health. I very nearly was confined to a wheel chair. I was declared medically unfit to work and was left expecting the worst. Modern medicine offered me no hope to recover.

Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food


I however refused to accept my fate and I set about searching for the root cause of the problem. As my body was fading, deep down, I knew I was in serious trouble. I kept on PRAYING about my dilemma and was asking for mercy and wisdom. Only at the eleventh hour, by grace I discovered an array of root causes and deceptions. Once these modern harmful root causes were removed, I began the journey to recovery. On my journey I opened can after can of the proverbial worms – only these weren’t worms, but rather DECEPTIONS. It made me realise that there are many systems that fail the general public. I’ve came to the sad realisation that my paradigm must change and that I simply cannot trust everything (modern foods and medicine) that one is presented to without thorough research. Exposure to these modern variables and deceptions is precisely the reason for the manifestation of so many new modern ‘dis-ease’ conditions.

The body is designed to win and heal. It is not natural to be ‘dis-eased’. Once the root causes of a “dis-ease” is identified and removed the table is set for healing and recovery.

My book will empower you to create an environment for natural healing.


In my book, I ‘ve provided sufficient proof to substantiate the claim that most diseases today are avoidable; and that they are caused by factors that we have the means to change as well as eliminate.

The information and wisdom gained through my journey not only saved my life, but it changed my life and purpose forever. I’ve done a lot of research and reading. I am compelled to share this life-saving discoveries and information with as many people as possible – so I’ve compiled and documented the GO NATURAL message for you.

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Everything you need to know about holistic common-sense healthy living is contained in this book. It also includes 76 delicious recipes to start you on the road to HEALTHY LIVING.

This Go Natural message changed my life forever for the good, now is it your turn to take your second chance.

We’ve sold nearly 6,000 books since it was published in 2015. Almost daily we’ve seen and heard numerous life changing testimonies of healing and recovery after people adopted and implemented the natural principles and truths in the book. It just shows one that the body is designed to win and heal. However, we must always first do our part to empower the body to do what it does naturally which is to self-maintain, self-heal and self-protect. Real and balanced food is not negotiable if you want to empower your body to live a quality life of vitality, free of ‘dis-ease’.

The book is already in its 2nd edition.

Benefits of the improved and revised version will be:

1.More research, help and information on cancer and other dreaded ‘dis-ease’ conditions. All in all ± 50 pages more – the new book will have approximately 500 pages.
2.It will contain 4 more scrumptious recipes.
3.Improved easy navigation layout.
4.Another foreword by Johan’s naturopath in Australia
5.The new book will have an index
6.Improved quality
a.Better bind, with thread sewn sections
b.A more appealing, durable, matt laminated and thicker cover.

New book’s price: R300 VAT incl

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Johan’s epic healing journey where he conquered a dreaded “dis-ease” condition Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis taught him a plethora of life-saving information. Johan say: “I was blind but now I can see”.

At a consultation; Johan shares advice, contacts of relevant health and / or medical specialists plus facts gained in his recovery journey that will empower you to take control of your “dis-ease” and to discover the miracle of the body’s built in capacity of natural – self healing.