Christo Erasmus' Recovery Journey from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Sep 2023

MRI Scan showed a tumour in the fourth ventricle in my brain after I suddenly started to feel very nauseous and dizzy. Nothing I ate or drank, tasted like anything

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Wilna Loubser se herstel van kroniese moegheid en klierkoors Mei 2023

Ek was 3 maande swanger en het intense pyn gehad. Die tand wat ek ‘n jaar terug laat stop het met ‘n klein gaatjie, wou nie ophou met klop nie. Daar was iewers groot fout.

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Antonella Pienaar's Breast Cancer Testimony Feb 2023

It is four years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it’s time for me to testify about God’s goodness and healing power in my life.

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Testimony of Recovery from Diverticulitis Nov 2022

I can with confidence declare that with fresh and clean ingredients indeed a medical condition can be controlled, I am a good example thereof.

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René Lowings - Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis(MS) July 2021

In 2015, our reasonably "normal" life came to a sudden halt when I found myself unable to move as usual. I was 23 years old at that time, a wife to an incredible husband, and a mom to a busy baby boy of 11-months old.

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Testimony of Cognitive Excellence and Peak Physique May 2020

I met Johan Jacobs a few years back during a health consultation. During the past few years, I have had a lot of contact with Johan, read his books and attended quite a few of his seminars and workshops.

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Viv Woollon - Testimony of Recovery from Fibromyalgia - March 2020

Ever since I can remember I’ve suffered from insomnia, anxiety, mild depression and brain fog. Added to that was the pain which was mostly in my arms, hands, neck, back, and hips. At night, while sleeping, I suffered from pain and numbness in my arms and hands. About 13 years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a Rheumatologist.

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How Lali Pelissier’s Four Sons Recovered and Prosper from ADD - Feb 2020

I have been struggling with a short attention span for as far back as I can remember. Subsequently, all four my sons probably inherited from me the trait of being driven to distraction. Being part of the current schooling system in South Africa, the boys were unfortunately very quickly diagnosed with being ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder.

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Christelle Rademeyer – Recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis - 21 Jan 2020

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2016 at the age of 37. After having a few appointments with the Rheumatologist, discussing a treatment plan and all the side effects of the drugs, we decided to take some time to consider our options and pray about the next steps.

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Michelle Hoffman – Recovery from Allergies - 3 April 2019

I want to thank you (Johan) for allowing God to use you to spread the message of Go Natural and help people like myself to live a life God has promised us. In 2017, my husband read about Go Natural and asked me to purchase the book, we then soon started gradually changing our kitchen up to get into the Go Natural lifestyle. We got a stone mill at the store in Somerset West and started baking our own bread and muffins. Immediately after baking our own bread I could feel the difference in my body and my allergies.

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Ockert Smit – recovered from Depression and Anxiety 3 April 2019

I would like to share how two books have radically changed my life. The first book God se Plan om Natuurlik Gesond te Leef by Johan Jacobs and the second Disease Free by Neville Mandy. I have read dozens of books on diet and nutrition but none made such an impact on my life.

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Stephen and Clarise Hunt, Leaky gut and grain intolerance recovery - 4 March 2019

Having been on a nutritional journey from a debilitating “dis-ease”, I have often wondered about Go Natural and had every intention of stopping there “one day”. Of course, the typical “one day” just never seemed to arrive. Until…

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Anna Harrington – Cured from Cancer 16 January 2019

In 2014, blood appeared in my urine. The scan showed a dark, dead kidney on the right side of my body. It was cancer. My journey had begun.

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Wolfgang Späth Cancer and Pain Testimony - November 2018

I am Dr Wolfgang Späth. I live in Namibia and am a veterinarian by profession. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer on 10 January 2013 and was operated on by Dr Hans Rabe at the Panorama Hospital in Cape Town on 15 January 2013. Thanks to Dr Rabe’s immediate decision to operate on me, the same day he saw me for the first time, he could only scrape out all the cancer from the bladder wall and could save the bladder.

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Hendrik de Bruto - Recovered from Gluten and Wheat Intolerance - October 2018

It works!

I am a very health conscious person and very aware of what I eat. In November I will be 75 and I am still very healthy. I do not use medication of any kind. However, in recent years, I started to develop problems with some foods that are included in my diet. Eventually I found myself to be gluten intolerant. I am naturally a bread eater and bake bread myself – preferably brown whole wheat bread. I finally ended up not being able to eat any food containing gluten – it caused me to be not able to eat any food for days in a row.

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Pam Evans – Recovery from hair loss - September 2018

"Tearing Your Hair Out", we use phrases like the one above, in our daily lives and usually no explanation is needed. The meaning is clear – something in our lives is ‘stressing us out’. This is what I learned when I found myself using this phrase to describe a stressful situation in my life. What a paradox as this is exactly what happened with me.

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James Healey – Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) May 2018

I recovered from an auto-immune illness with predominantly Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms.

I am 73 years old and reside in Stellenbosch. I support the sterling work and service given by Johan and his wife Alicia, the proprietors of Go Natural in Somerset-West.

I met Johan 12 years ago when his health business was starting up. Johan told me about Dr Hal Huggins whose clinic I then visited in the USA on his recommendation. I was suffering from severe symptoms of MS which I believe was caused by the incorrect procedure that was followed when my three amalgam fillings, containing mercury, were removed. I was in a very bad way and battled to walk. Hal was a brilliant man with a lifetime of wisdom and experience, who put me on the road to recovery.

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Janco Moolman: Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis 21 August 2018

About 5 years ago a small piece of my tooth broke off as I was having lunch. I left it, but a year later the tooth became unbearably sensitive to heat and cold. After a visit to the dentist, he made the decision - on my behalf – that a root canal was needed. I agreed, without doing research, not realizing the complications and results associated with this procedure as explained in the book, Go Natural – Wisdom for Healthy Living.

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Anonymous – Epilepsy

My daughter is 36 years old. She has had embarrassing moments and physical injuries due to epilepsy since she was 16 years old. So many neurologists have consulted with her and prescribed all sorts of medications. At one stage she was advised to go to the Constantia Medi-clinic in Cape Town to see a doctor who is world renowned for his treatments of epilepsy.

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Duncan Haigh – Gluten Intolerance

No one seemed to be able to diagnose what my problem was. For 16 years I suffered a skin complaint which was very unpleasant and uncomfortable. For no reason at all I would start itching and if I rubbed my skin or scratched it, it resembled a lemon peel. The only relief was to get into a bath of cold water, lie there for about half an hour and go back to bed. This would happen both during winter and summer and even a few times a night. Heat seemed to make it worse, hence the cold water.

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It’s rather difficult to write a testimony – where to begin? At times there are “gaps” in my memory and time lines are blurred. In 2010 I was diagnosed with third degree testicular metastatic cancer. I am a student and researcher by nature and experienced a lack of answers in the medical field as to the origins of my disease. I marvel at our Western doctors and the technology used to treat a certain type of patient i.e. heart surgery, broken bones or plastic surgery. I have great respect for these achievements and hold them in high-regard.

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James Matthews RECOVERY from Type 1 Diabetes 8 November 2017

My son James Matthews was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes at the age of 13 years in December 2014.He was booked into ICU with Ketones and we were informed that if he had arrived at hospital an hour later then he would have slipped into a coma. He spent four days in ICU in a critical condition before he was moved into the paediatrician ward for another few days. His diagnosis was Type1 diabetes which is a lifetime disease with no cure. He received his insulin injections that he would have to take three times a day for the rest of his life together with a list of food that he should eat. There are many long-term complications with regards to the insulin. There was also the danger of his blood sugar count becoming too low and this would cause him to slip into a coma and possibly die. This cannot be completely prevented as many factors influence the blood sugar count, including hormones. Without medically applied insulin they can NOT slip into a comma, this can only happen if they are on insulin.

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ADHD Recovery July 2017

About 12 years ago a Neurological Paediatrician diagnosed our son, who was 6 years old at the time, with severe ADD and anxiety. He was placed on Strattera (the non-stimulant equivalent of Ritalin). His diagnosis was of such a nature that the doctor questioned his ability to function and perform in a normal school environment.

On the prescribed medication, his concentration and handwriting improved but he had all the side effects like loss of appetite, nausea and sleeplessness. During this time, he also developed a noticeable physical “tic” for which the doctor wanted to prescribe further medication. It was at this point that his mother decided to investigate natural alternatives to treat and manage his condition, as a replacement for all prescribed medication.

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Tiaan Swart – Surviving the final onslaught. 31 March 2017

I was age 29, about a year after I married. Alarmed by the most severe attack on my body I had ever experienced, we rushed to the doctor to get medicine for what seemed to be something flu-like. Hives covered my body, a ring of terribly swollen glands surrounded my neck and a thyroglossal cyst half the size of a golf ball appeared overnight.

The doctor took one look at my symptoms, said “it’s only flu” and dismissed me with a course of antibiotics. I finished the meds with no changes. I was suffering with fever, nausea and extreme fatigue. A trip back to the same doctor resulted in another dose of “stronger” antibiotics, and a reassurance that everything will be fine. However, course number 2 complete I still showed no sign of recovery. I was becoming rather despondent and frustrated at my condition.

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Diederick Reid’s – Recovery from MS and more – 1 March 2017

My journey

About two years ago, I was diagnosed with MS, and I thought my life would never be the same again but as it turns out its better now that it has ever been.

The initial shock is devastating and besides the physical disabilities the emotional ones are probably even worse. Brain fog, constant fatigue and in my case – loss of the use of my left hand and all fine motor coordination disappeared. My wife is an ex nursing sister, so from the outset we started looking for options and as there is no known cure. We started looking at what else was available and this of course leads to alternative methods.

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Rudi Coetzee

This testimony is about “DENTAL pathology and its effects”

Ek gaan net vir jou kortliks n skrywe gee, oor hoe my tande of liewer tandvleis, my hele liggaam siek en allergies gemaak het.

Ek het vroeer in my lewe ook n root kanaal treatment gehad.

My tandvleis het op n stadium baie begin bloei, en hoe meer ek flos en borsel hoe meer bloei dit. Saam met die seer tandvleis, was ek ook n baie erge hooikoors en asma lyer.

Ek het ook ten minste een keer per week wakker geword in die aand met verskriklike borspyn, by my hart. So erg dat dit voel asof iemand n klamp om jou hart vasdraai met n skroewedraaier! Ek was glad nie onfiks nie, en inteendeel, het die Argus en Stellenbosch fietstoer elke jaar gedoen.

Ek is toe na n ortodontis toe, wat toe aanbeveel dat ek van my tande moet laat trek! Uit die aard van die saak is dit n baie groot skok gewees, en iets wat mens jouself baie sielkundig ook moet voorberei. Hy het vir my gese dat tande probleme kan mens se hele liggaam en gesondheid beinvloed.

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Hernus Langeveldt

During our June vacation in 2008 I developed a pain in the ball of my left foot. It was really uncomfortable and very painful. Everyone joked that I had gout, although I am not a drinker at all.
Then the pain spread to my toes that started to swell up like sausages. My right foot followed suit, as did my fingers. I was constantly fatigued.
The pain was unbearable … I could not wear closed shoes or even hold a pen to write. I was very worried because this started to affect my daily activities. Walking became a painful ordeal and every bump was excruciating. It was virtually impossible to work.

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Hennie Cloete, Cape Town

To be a cancer patient today…… and I am saying this with the greatest of empathy and respect, is not the exception anymore. Therefore, my experience is by far not unique, and to be a survivor after more than a decade is also not a rare occurrence anymore. There are large numbers of cancer patients following one or another alternative regime that are cancer free and enjoying quality of life again. It is with humble gratitude though, that I can and want to relate, how I managed to get through this overwhelmingly negative scenario with a generally limited life expectancy.

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Johan Beugger from Newlands, Cape Town

My name is Johan Beugger from Newlands, Cape Town. On 5 September 2014, I became a very, very old man of 70. I was totally devastated!! Depression seized me and so I stayed, from one day, one week to the next. I was fat and out of shape, weighing slightly more than 112 kilograms. I climbed stairs, one at a time, and it took me 2 sessions, with a rest in between to mow a 6 metre by 6 metre lawn. I was on prescription blood pressure medication, with my blood pressure hovering anywhere between 130 and 140 over about 100, in spite of the medication. I was also on prescription heart burn medication. I had also slowly begun to lose my mind…

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