Hi, my name is Johan Jacobs. I am the founder and author of Go Natural. My family and I have been enjoying this lifestyle for more than 20 years now, since I’ve recovered from Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. It was, however, a painstaking journey and long, winding road to recovery, to where I am today.

I tell the whole story in full detail, in my book, Go Natural Wisdom for Healthy LivingBelow is my brief story.

Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food


Johan’s epic healing journey where he conquered a dreaded “dis-ease” condition Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis taught him a plethora of life-saving information. Johan say: “I was blind but now I can see”.

At a consultation; Johan shares advice, contacts of relevant health and / or medical specialists plus facts gained in his recovery journey that will empower you to take control of your “dis-ease” and to discover the miracle of the body’s built in capacity of natural – self healing.


I was 30 years old, in the prime of my life. I was an engineer, I was active and fit and loved the out-doors. I ran half-marathons, did mountain biking, played gholf, snorkelling and fly-fishing. I completed three consecutive Argus bicycle tours and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. At that time, I was under the strict impression that fitness and health were closely related, and that mainly those who were inactive were in danger of suffering ‘dis-ease’, ill or poor health.

But, I was proven horribly wrong. During 1998, I started experiencing various strange symptoms, i.e. double vision/optic neuritis, tongue slurred, numbness in my right leg and arm. I underwent countless medical examinations over a period of 2 years, until my condition was finally accurately diagnosed. To quote and translate from my book:

My back feels stiff and uncomfortable when I run, and my right leg feels half numb, and started dragging. And I’m very tired. I suspect there’s a pinched nerve in my back and I return to the doctor. I have various X-rays done, but no new light is shed on the root of the problem. At times it feels that I’m mentally not that astute, as though my brain is too ‘fogged’ to make even the simplest of calculations. Then my tongue begins to slur. It sounds much like being under the influence of alcohol. Fortunately these symptoms only last for a few minutes, and would then disappear, yet only to return at random intervals again.

I now realize the problem probably doesn’t lie with my back, but rather higher up in my central nervous system. The symptoms worsen and once again I consult medical specialists.

I undergo a comprehensive eye examination. The spinal fluid is tested with a painful lumbar puncture, followed by an MRI scan. The latter shows white spots scattered throughout the brain.

A week later I receive the final result.

Multiple Sclerosis!”

The battle to attain to healing commenced, and I started the uphill journey to regain my health. It was long and hard, and at times I felt like throwing in the towel. The medical treatment had no desired effects, and the various other treatments resulted in partial relief only. I thank God, however, that I had the opportunity to visit two Health Centres one in Australia, and the other in Colorado Springs USA in where I received treatment aimed at ridding the root cause of toxins and then to clean the body of accumulated toxins. In order to remove the root cause, they removed my mercury amalgam fillings, root canal – treated tooth, dental jaw cavitation’s, as well as to alter a faulty, nutrient deficient and toxic diet. I then underwent a detox to get rid of those accumulated toxins released and absorbed over years. This was essentially the start of my journey to recovery and to regain and maintain the good health I still enjoy today.


I cannot emphasize enough, that mercury amalgams are highly hazardous to your health. If you want them removed, be sure to have it done by a biological dentist that is well acquainted with the Huggins Save Dental Revision Protocol. You only have one chance of doing it safe and correct. It is in fact safer to keep the fillings, than to have them removed incorrectly, as it would merely spike your exposure to mercury. I was the victim of an incorrect removal procedure, with devastating results.

The good news is, you don’t have to go overseas to improve your health. All the information I had painstakingly and carefully gathered and obtained over the years, you can find on my website, and in my book Go Natural – Wisdom for Healthy Living. The book are available on line from  our web-site and in our store. In my book, I describe in detail, all the factors and elements in our modern environment, that cause or contribute to ‘dis-ease’ and ill health. But more importantly, I also share in detail with the reader, how we can successfully combat these factors, and enjoy ongoing optimal health as a result. As bonus we include 76 Recipes to help get you on the road to enjoying good health, the natural way. You will be pleased and surprised to discover, that healthy living and eating does not have be boring at all! You are spoilt for choice, as we share recipes from juicing, smoothies, traditional bone broths, 100% pure and natural breads (sour dough and Essene bread), muffins, pasta and pizza, not to mention the scrumptious baking and deliciously healthy deserts.

Here at Go Natural it is our passion and we consider it our responsibility and privilege, to equip people with the necessary knowledge and information that will enable them to remove the root cause of their ‘dis-ease’ or illness, instead of merely tending to the symptoms. We further take delight in helping people to embark on and maintain a natural and wholesome diet and lifestyle.

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. It is our vision and mission to empower people with the truth, together with providing them with the tools to enjoy a practical, affordable, pro-active diet and healthy lifestyle!

Furthermore our book; Go Natural – Wisdom for Healthy Living is a in depth research study and a condensation of many books merged into one. Go Natural it a comprehensive health book and guide that focus on total health, i.e.: body, mind and soul. This book will guide and help you to life in wisdom and ‘dis-ease’ free.

This Go Natural message changed my life forever for the good, now it’s your turn to take your second chance.

May God bless… you

Johan Jacobs