Go Natural is the culmination of an incredible healing journey experienced by the author and founder, Johan Jacobs.

Despite being fit, healthy and in the prime of his life, Johan was diagnosed with debilitating multiple sclerosis.

This led him firstly into a deep exploration of how to recover naturally and secondly to the life-changing discovery of how modern man can effectively create and sustain vibrant health, just as our ancestors did. At Go Natural we have a passion to share information and help people to retain and maintain good health and to avoid the typical modern “dis-ease” conditions.

Johan discovered that one’s daily diet and lifestyle is the most important, proactive and sustainable health solution in protecting one’s health, vitality and longevity. This seminar encompasses much more than simple dietary advice and changes. We will also focus on and expose the hidden dimension of toxicology and its correlation with “dis-ease”.

Go Natural is aware of the confusion regarding this topic in our society. There is so much conflicting information, statistics and advice available. We’ve discovered that there is a serious lack of knowledge regarding caring for and nourishing our wonderful bodies. Many naively accept virtually any quick-fix solution offered us.

Typical seminar objectives

  1. Explaining the link between nutrition and physical degeneration
  2. Explaining the four reasons for eating, i.e. the wonder of our self-growing, self-maintaining, self-healing and self-protecting bodies
  3. Exposing modern “DIS-EASE” causing DECEPTIONS
  4. Exposing the archer-arrow principle of toxicology
  5. Showing the hidden difference between a “dis-ease” and a condition
  6. Explaining the rationale of GO NATURAL’S 10 step nutritional program
  7. Providing valuable advice in how to sidestep modern hidden health landmines
  8. Providing ‘ancient’ wisdom to take proactively care of our bodies in a modern, toxic world

Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food

Background of Johan Jacobs

  1. Johan was very fit and active. However, he discovered that fitness is not a guarantee for good health. Johan has engineering qualifications as well as an MBA degree obtained at Stellenbosch in 1999. In 2000 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He worked for 11 years in the engineering field before he was declared medically unfit for work in 2004.

    Johan had the privilege of undergoing treatment at two world renowned centres:

    1. Living Valley Springs, Australia, in April 2004 under the hands of Gary Martin
    2. The Huggins Diagnostic Centre, Colorado Springs, USA, in 2005 under the hands of Dr Hal Huggins, the Dragon Slayer

    The above lifesaving exposure, together with extensive research, empowered Johan to regain his physical health and equipped him to help others in this regard. It’s been nearly 15 years since his recovery has started, and not once during this time has medicine been resorted to. Johan learned and experienced that the majority of today’s diseases, MS included, are in fact modern man-made conditions, generally caused by a combination of a nutrient deficiency and an unseen toxicity dimension.

    Johan and his wife, Alicia, are the founders of Go Natural and have presented health and lifestyle seminars at/on:

    1. Television:
    1. Many radio shows, also available on our website.
    2. Johan has featured in and written numerous articles in Joy, Juig, Natural Medicine and more magazines, also available on our website.
    3. The Stellenbosch Hydro
    4. The Klein Karoo Organic Institute
    5. Health groups, associations and other
    6. SchoolsChurches

    Through experience we’ve learned how to prevent and/or turn around most chronic incurable degenerative “dis-eases”. This seminar will empower you to avoid the hidden health “landmines” and to make wise decisions regarding your health.

    Through Johan’s healing journey he accumulated life-saving information that is vital and fundamental in today’s changed society. He is eager to share this health message and fundamentals with as many people as possible. This message along with his book, Go Natural – Wisdom for Healthy Living, will empower you and guide you to experience optimal health.

    Johan Jacobs is a professional and experienced health speaker. He has a portfolio of various inspirational, health presentations. Each presentation is approximately 90 minutes in duration and can be tailor-made according to specific needs.

    Typical health presentations:

    1. Go Natural’s HEALTH REVIVAL Seminar!
    2. Sickness is no accident, ‘DIS-EASE’ or CONDITION?
    3. FOR THE LOVE OF REAL FOOD Seminar & Workshops, Information and Skills demonstrated on how to produce TRU-FOODS; i.e.: breads, raw chocolate, pizza, pasta, fermented foods, etc, all starting with living ingredients.


    Bookings for a GO NATURAL - HEALTH REVIVAL Seminar please contact Johan per email johan@gonatural.co.za or telephone on 021 852 2744.

    For bookings for the next Seminar or FOR THE LOVE OF REAL FOOD Seminar & Workshops. Click on EVENTS at the menu bar and follow the online caller, you can book trough the QUICKET online booking platform.

    Note: Normally a presentation commences with a brief background and testimony of the founder. We can, however, customize the presentation length and content to suit the particular requirements.


Johan’s epic healing journey where he conquered a dreaded “dis-ease” condition Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis taught him a plethora of life-saving information. Johan say: “I was blind but now I can see”.

At a consultation; Johan shares advice, contacts of relevant health and / or medical specialists plus facts gained in his recovery journey that will empower you to take control of your “dis-ease” and to discover the miracle of the body’s built in capacity of natural – self healing.