Adding sprouts to your diet is an easy way to gain mega loads of living building blocks needed for vitality and good health. Sprouts offer a tremendous amount of nutrients for its size and it’s easy, cost effective and practical to implement in your diet.

“Sprouts are baby plants in their prime. At this stage of their growth, they have a greater concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, RNA, DNA, bio-flavonoids, etc., than at any other point in the plant’s life – – even when compared with the mature vegetable.” SPROUTS the Miracle Food, p7, Steve Meyerowitz

Why should one add sprouting to one’s life style?

1. “Enzymes, sprouts are an excellent source of enzymes, which are the “sparks of life” and help fight degenerative diseases, such as cancer and arthritis”p13, Sprouts, Kathleen O’Bannon, CNC. 2. They contain mega loads of nutrients, all in synergy. 3. It is economical to produce home grown sprouts. 4. It is a fresh food all year round. 5. It is easy to grow and very rewarding and educational for children. 6. It boosts your immune system. 7. It prevents disease.

How to sprout?

1. Soak; always soak the seeds overnight in pure water. 2. Drain and rinse. 3. Place the sprouts in a glass jar and cover the opening with a fine cloth that will allow drainage of excess water and breathing, or cover the sprouts with some sort of loose protection such as a hemp sprout bag. 4. Rinse and drain the sprouts with pure water 2-3 times per day. 5. Depending on the type of seed that is sprouted, it should be ready to use after a few days of sprouting. When they are ready, rinse, drain, refrigerate and use when needed.

Remember to sprout in a hygienic environment, using pure water. Expose the sprouts to sunlight after germination, and refrigerate once ready.

Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food