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Now there is a hand grain mill that features high quality and performance at a moderate price! Here are the features that make it a great hand grain mill: For added peace of mind, a Limited Lifetime Warranty is included with every Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill.
The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill has all metal parts except for the stone burrs and handle. It has no plastic parts. And it is beautifully cast with a thick powder-coat finish.


Unique Features


  • Superior Milling Variety:
    • The Wonder Junior hand grain mill can grind a very wide variety of things that even some of the most expensive hand grain mills cannot, including oily grains, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains into a dough (for Essene bread) or even nixtamalized maize for making tortillas.
  • Large Lifetime Bearings:
    • The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill has large, thick, lifetime-lubricated bearings for a lifetime of heavy milling.
  • Large Easy Fill Hopper:
    • The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill has the largest hopper of its kind (over 1 quart). And with its unique octagon shape it is easy to fill without spilling.
  • Uni-body Construction:
    • The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is designed with an extremely strong, thick, one-piece body. This means that there are no hoppers to attach that can come off during milling. And you can rest assured being confident that the body wont break like many of the less expensive hand grain mills out there.
  • Patented Dual Clamp:
    • The wide, super-heavy-duty Dual Post Clamp guarantees that the mill will not move around or come loose during the milling process. The clamp will hold securely to surfaces up to 2 inches thick.
  • Simple Texture Adjustment:
    • The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill will adjust quickly and easily from super-fine pastry flour to coarse cracked cereals, and anywhere in between.
  • Easy Turn Handle:
    • The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill employs a ten-inch long ergonomic handle with a large grip for easy and comfortable turning. It is so easy to turn that a child can do it.
  • Dual Feed Auger:
    • The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill has a one-of-a-kind dual feed auger. Many mills use a spring to feed the grain into the stones and burrs. And many use a spiral auger to feed the grain. But the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill uses both systems. First the grain is pre-fed by a heavy auger spring that keeps the grain flowing evenly into the heavy spiral auger. This then forces the grain into the stones and burrs for grinding perfection.
  • Heavy Stones:
    • The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill has large, strong stones for milling all dry grains, beans, and legumes. The large stones are 1/3 thicker than the competitions. So they will last and last.
  • Stainless Steel Burr Heads:
    • The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill has large stainless steel burrs for milling nuts into nut butters (such as peanut butter), wet and oily grains (such as flax), herbs, spices, and makes amazing coffee. Most hand grain mills on the market cant do this, not even the $350 hand mills.
  • Easy Cleanup:
    • The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is easy to clean up! Simply remove the adjustment knob and then, because of the beautiful powder coat finish, you can quickly clean everything except the stones in your kitchen sink.
Warranty: Your Wonder Junior is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for six full years from the date of purchase except for the stone burrs which are warranted for one year, and the stainless steel burrs which are warranted for a full lifetime.

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  • The Wonder Junior Grain Mill, one of the finest manual grain mills on the market.
  • An impressive Double-Clamp that will fit on almost any table without marring the surface.
  • Two Sets of Grinding Burrs: Stone for grinding dry grains to a fine flour, and Stainless Steel burrs for the oily grains, seeds, and even nut butters!
  • The Flour Guide which directs your flour right into the bowl, and lets you motorize nut butter production without leaving a mess.
  • The Cleaning Brush which lets you get into those little nooks and crannies in your mill with ease and speeds up cleaning.
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty which guarantees your investment and gives you peace of mind.


The Rationale of having a Stone mill

The Grain


Grain seeds can be seen as a condensed and sleeping plant. It contains all the genes, nutrients/building blocks necessary to reproduce. Grains are an extremely nutrient dense food for its size. Whole grain is rich in vitamins, bio-available minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, carbohydrates and aromatic elements. It is preferable to store your whole grain, which stores well, and to mill or roll only your daily flour/grain requirements. This will ensure that the flour or rolled grain is completely fresh, optimally nutritious and deliciously palatable.
As you can see
Nutrition lies in nothing but the whole grain!


The Flour


Any milling or rolling process kills the grain, and oxygen is introduced into the equation. After the processing of grains, spoiling, oxidation and decomposition is a natural and inevitable process, similar to that of grated apple which oxidizes and turns brown. Freshly stone-milled flour is packed with nutrients, but has a limited shelf life of only a couple of days, as the essential fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants in the germ start to oxidize and turn rancid once milled/rolled. In fact, the essential fatty acids turn into a toxic trans-fatty acid. You can store conventional white and brown flour for much longer, since the germ with its spoiling qualities were removed, but these flours are almost totally devoid of nutrition. In most conventionally milled flours, the germ which contains almost all of the essential nutrients, is discarded due to its spoiling qualities. Sadly even some commercial stone millers use the process of de-germing to separate and remove the germ from the flour in order to enhance shelf life. However, with a stone mill in your house, you can take full control by milling grain only on demand. Home stone milling ensure no oxidization or nutrient loss which in turn offers numerous health benefits. When previously wheat- or gluten-intolerant individuals start to enjoy freshly milled organic whole grain, it has been found that the intolerance disappears almost immediately and consumers gain the added benefits of losing weight while gaining vitality.




You too can experience the true taste, nutrition and health benefits of grain products just as our ancestors once enjoyed it. Take control of your health and enjoy and process grain products with Go Naturals range of stone mills and grain rollers. 
A stone mill and/or a grain roller is a must for every kitchen! 



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Wondermill Junior Delux

Wondermill Junior Delux