The Healthy Living & Wellness field is so vast, with an endless array of opinions, variables, resources and links. The search for the right answers could prove to be a minefield, as it would require a lifetime to test and verify the success of all the various options and solutions presented to the public.

In my case,after having been diagnosed with MS, I was in dire need of a health revolution. In desperation I adopted a radical raw vegan lifestyle. If you read my book, Go Natural – Wisdom for Healthy Living, you will see it was a vital mistake. 3 Years after I adopted this radical raw vegan lifestyle, I was declared medically unfit for work. I expected the worst, but I thank my Creator, that I discovered the path to healing.

I do not for any moment claim to know it all, but I have come the full circle, and have made plenty mistakes. However, in the process I have also learned invaluable lessons, and gained life-saving information regarding healthy living. This life-changing knowledge empowered me to recover from MS, the natural way, and I have had the blessing of living a normal, healthy life for the last 12 years.

My advice to anyone would always be to first take the time and make the effort to study and research all they can, regarding healthy living. Don’t be a guinea pig by simply latching onto the latest life-style tips or fads that sound ‘cool’ and correct. It’s important to ascertain whether the life style of your choice, has been tested and tried for at least 3 generations. Some people are never able to exit the downward spiral of a wrongly selected life-style and many have paid the price for it. I nearly did.

It is also virtually impossible for a single individual or organisation to know everything there is to know in order to empower people with a complete and comprehensive health solution. It is therefore a pleasure for us, to link up with the following specialised information houses.

1. Safe dental removal

All the dangers of Amalgam and mercury exposed.

2. Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

Anthropological studies in the 1930-1940 to qualify the optimum life style for physical excellence.

3. Faith Drops – A proven CANCER cure remedy. Safe and affordable.

Also a well of life-changing information. I salute them – Doctors Across Borders

4. Frans Cronje – The dream catcher

5. Don Wessels – Profound testimony and an International Motivational Speaker

6. A health spa that focuses on holistic, natural healing, cleansing programmes and health crisis information.

7. Eagles Wings

8. Joy Magazine

9. Juig Tydskrif

10. The Anti Diet Generation