Why Supplement?

The Food Supplement Controversy

The human race is the only ‘species’ on earth to rob their food sources of all nutrition and fortify their foods with chemicals, preservatives and taste enhancers before eating it. As a result, we are forced to replace those lost nutrients in the form of food supplements, and thus, in reality we pay twice for our food. As far as I know, my grandparents never needed to supplement, neither were supplements and instruction manuals needed for babies to feed and grow healthily. This artificial way of living and eating is a modern phenomenon.

The modern lifestyle, characterized by malnutrition and toxic overload, has resulted in masses of people experiencing a loss of vitality and vigour. Together with the widespread ignorance and lack of educated, informed choices, this scenario opened the market for entrepreneurs who recognized and appreciate the value of a well-nourished, vitalized body, with an overall sense of well-being. Supplementation was introduced into the market and generally it does boost vitality and health. The consumer, gullibly accepts the stated need for this plethora of supplements, pay vast extra sums for it, yet does not truly consider why.

The food supplementation industry started in the late 1940’s and developed and grew into a multi-trillion dollar industry. It is during this same period that mass food production and food processing became common in the market place. Hence the nutrient supplement industry was born out of the need for nutrients as we were refining our foods, rendering it nutrient deficient. Now we have two industries, the empty toxic food industry and the food supplement industry.

Even when all practical measures are implemented in living healthily, modern man can never completely escape from supplements. There is certainly room and a need for potent, tried and tested, natural food supplements.

Reasons to supplement

1. Our food, even if organic, is not always harvested when it is ripe and ready to eat, i.e. vine ripened. Many studies have shown that vine ripened food contains much more nutrients.
2. Soils are over-farmed, resulting in depletion of nutrients and minerals as farm soil does not rest or get re-mineralized with the full spectrum of minerals. Farm soil is forced to produce a crop year in, year out. The continuous process of harvesting without holistic, sustainable and balanced soil health, results in significantly less nutrients in our food.
3. Non-organically produced food might be exposed to pesticides, herbicides, growth stimulants and hormones that can add to the toxic load.
4. Preservatives, to ensure a long shelf-life, add to the toxic load.
5. Nutrients are lost due to food processing involving heat.
6. Some staple foods, such as grain and white flour products, are refined for long shelf-life, and in the process lose up to 90% of its natural unprocessed nutrients.

Together with the above factors, our environment is laden with toxins and harmful waves.

Consider the following:

 Polluted air from industry and vehicle emissions.

Contaminated water.

Increased industrial waste exposure.

Modern processed food could contain harmful food preservatives, colorants, additives, fillers and more.

Household chemicals with dangerous chemicals

Electromagnetic waves from cell phones and electronic equipment.

The list goes on…

Thus the rationale for the usage of food supplements is twofold: The replacement of lost nutrients and the neutralization of toxins through anti-oxidants.

However, the ultimate long-term solution would still entail:

1. Stopping the toxic train. Stop the influx of toxins and nutrient deficient foods, including all processed foods.
2. Consume wholesome staple foods. Seek to replace processed staple foods like bread, pizza, pasta and other processed grain products with organic and delicious homemade grain products, by using a home stone mill and organic nutrient dense grains. It’s easy, filling and a big cost saver.
3. Water. Purify your water with a real and consistently 99.99% effective water purifier like a distiller.
4. Juicing. Make your juicer your supplement factory. A good juicer will empower to make fresh, homemade, natural, organic and inexpensive super food supplements.
5. Super foods. Super foods are extraordinary rich in body building and supporting nutrients. A selection of both traditional and vegan super foods should be consumed daily.

Short term solution

Wise supplementation is thus primarily needed as a short-term solution to rectify nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. It will buy you time, and should serve as a short-term solution only, until a wholesome lifestyle, capable of supplying the full spectrum of nutrients required, is adopted and adjusted to.

The long term solution

There are multiple benefits to adopting a long term approach to healthy living, including big cost saving on redundant supplements for the whole family, as well as peace of mind, in that there is no danger of over-dosing, as excess consumption of mono nutrients can cause harm. Not to mention the fact that wholefoods are MUCH more tasty and enjoyable!

Our predecessors didn’t need supplementation. Neither should we.

Why supplement? – Go Natural!