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Solving the MS Mystery - H. A. Huggins


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If, unfortunately, you have Multiple sclerosis, or if you know someone who does, this definitive work in the field of autoimmune diseases, Solving the MS Mystery, will be just what you have been looking for. Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS, had promised that, after treating 1000 MS patients, he would write a book detailing the Protocol that has worked to reverse autoimmune diseases. This is that book.
If you are frustrated and discouraged from hearing that there is nothing but pharmaceutical drugs you can take or you are exhausted from trying strange and costly treatments, take heart. This book quotes scientific journals and is based not only on scientific studies and biochemistry but also on the experiences that Dr. Huggins has had with his MS patients over the last 33 years.
Always on the cutting edge, when he received information about dental toxicity that was contrary to what he had been taught in dental school, Dr. Huggins was, at first, disbelieving. However, reviewing the scientific literature, working with dental patients, and, finally, going "back to school" to receive his Masters emphasizing immunology and toxicology from the University of Colorado confirmed what others in the field had shown him—that toxic dental materials in the mouth so close to the brain could trigger autoimmune diseases. He wanted to know why—not just alleviate the symptoms, but also know why.
His study in the field of biochemistry convinced him that he could balance a person's body chemistry just like a racecar mechanic could perfectly tune a car. Why, if we think it's important to have other mechanical devices work at peak effectiveness should we not have our body tuned as well?
This book has practical information as well as scientific information for the professional. Take a look at the Table of Contents listed below. Information you need to know to give yourself Informed Consent for treatment is in this book. Take charge of your health and become educated about treatments that work. You can do as much or as little as you want, but now you will know what is available.


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Solving the MS Mystery - H. A. Huggins

Solving the MS Mystery - H. A. Huggins