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Blenders, Dehydrators, Fermentation crock pots, Water Distillers, Juicers, Rebounders, Sprouters, Stone Mills and Grain Rollers

What I’ve learned saved and transformed my life forever; it literally gave me a second chance. Today, I invite you to continue reading and also to take your second chance.
I am Johan Jacobs, the founder and author of GO NATURAL. GO NATURAL is the culmination of my incredible journey towards healing after I had been diagnosed with the debilitating disease multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2000, even though I was fit, healthy and in the prime of my life (30 years old) at that time. MS is usually a death sentence, as it slowly erodes the body, leading to disability and ultimately to death. The devastating news drove me to earnestly seek for the cause of this ‘dis-ease’. It was a long and gruelling journey, but the breakthrough finally came. As I searched deeper and wider, I discovered that not only MS but a plethora of ‘dis-ease’ conditions are ultimately caused by modern-unwise, -quick-fix and -toxically laden diet and lifestyle. I further discovered that radical changes to our unhealthy toxic lifestyles would not only prevent ‘dis-ease’ but also cure existing ones.
My wake-up call and discoveries encouraged me to make a total diet and lifestyle upgrade. All my discoveries are meticulously documented in my book.

As part of my own diet and lifestyle change, I researched ways to put what I’ve discovered into practice in my own (and my families) eating habits. This meant, I started using, and later (for more than ten years now) selling, the best of breed Books, Blenders, Dehydrators, Fermentation crock pots, Water Distillers, Juicers, Rebounders, Sprouters, Stone Mills, Grain Rollers, and many more health products. The items that we sell on our online shop are tried and tested over the years by ourselves and our customers. They work and will deliver life changing measurable results for you and your family too.
The good news is that the body is DESIGNED to heal; you must just allow it. The TRUTH’s in my book will empower you and it will set you FREE.

Best wishes

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