Welcome to the heart of GO NATURAL

Blenders, Dehydrators, Fermentation crock pots, Water Distillers, Juicers, Rebounders, Sprouters, Stone Mills and Grain RollersWhat I’ve learned saved and transformed my life forever; it literally gave me a second chance. Today, I invite you to continue reading and also to take your second chance.
I am Johan Jacobs, the founder and author of GO NATURAL. GO NATURAL is the culmination of my incredible journey towards healing after I had been diagnosed with the debilitating disease multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2000, even though I was fit, healthy and in the prime of my life (30 years old) at that time. MS is usually a death sentence, as it slowly erodes the body, leading to disability and ultimately to death. The devastating news drove me to earnestly seek for the cause of this ‘dis-ease’. It was a long and gruelling journey, but the breakthrough finally came. As I searched deeper and wider, I discovered that not only MS but a plethora of ‘dis-ease’ conditions are ultimately caused by modern-unwise, -quick-fix and -toxically laden diet and lifestyle. I further discovered that radical changes to our unhealthy toxic lifestyles would not only prevent ‘dis-ease’ but also cure existing ones.
My wake-up call and discoveries encouraged me to make a total diet and lifestyle upgrade. All my discoveries are meticulously documented in my book.